Friday, June 11, 2010

Ottawa Byward Market Food Tour - The Details

The tour is a walking tour of the Byward Market that starts at Métropolitain Brasserie and ends at Murray Street Restaurant. In between, there were tastes, chats with chefs, food sourcing tips, and discussions with fellow foodies. It was a fun afternoon.

C'est Bon Cooking is also working on tours of other prime food areas of Ottawa, including Beechwood and Wellington West.

Tours cost $45 per person, last 2.5 hours, run weekly (usually on Thursdays and Saturdays) and start at 10:30 a.m..

Here is a photo glimpse of what you might see. Bring a backpack to carrry your shopping items home and wear good walking shoes. To get the real details at each stop, you'll have to book a tour!

{Please note that the tour varies each week based on participation by different vendors.}

Our Hosts (Paola St. George on the left and Andrée Riffou) / Our Group
Métropolitain Brasserie
Tour Fact: City's largest raw oyster bar
Tour Taste: Frites and Aioli
Courtyard Restaurant
Tour Fact: Celebrating 80 years
Tour Taste: Gazpacho with Red Pepper Sorbet
Tour Highlight: A chat with Chef Michael Hay
Black Tomato Restaurant
Planet Coffee
Tour Fact: Certified Organic
House of Cheese
Tour Fact: Great assortment of Quebec cheeses
Tour Taste: crackers and Appenzeller cheese
Byward Fruit Market
Tour Fact: Finest selection of wild and cultivated mushrooms
Exotic Fruits and Vegetables, Truffles and Honey
Hall's Apple Market
Tour Fact: Apple Pie Lollipops
Tour Taste: cider
Market Vendors
La Bottega Nicastro
Tour Facts: They go through 40 kg of Parmesan on a good day.
One Parmesan wheel would cost about $1500.
Tour Taste: A plate of charcuterie
Aubrey's Meats
Tour fact: Aubrey's deals exclusively with local farmers.
Tour Taste: honey ham
Tea Store
Tour Fact: Over 200 different teas
Tour Taste: apple cinnamon scones with cream and jam
along with a sip of strawberry, raspberry, vanilla iced tea
Murray Street Restaurant
Tour Fact: Recognized by enRoute Magazine as one of Canada's Top 10 new restaurants.
Tour Highlight: A chat with Chef Steve Mitton

More photos of the food tour from Christine of Tripp Photography

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